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When was the last time you were creative without restrictions? Get out of the box and discover the possibilities within you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra encourages you to create freely and breaking the rules in a digital playground. Anywhere, anytime.
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What is
Paletta Projekt?

You will find the path to true freedom with creative thoughts, which is why we have created a truly inspiring interface for creation. With the help of six contemporary artists who’re working in different styles, we bring the digital canvas to life and show what true creative freedom is.

Ati Kertész, Valentin Szarvas, Nikon One, Bianka Bálint, Enikő Eged and Tamás Földes build on each other's work with the help of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, they reconsider their image of freedom - alone but still together. The jointly created work of art will be put up for digital auction, and the proceeds will be donated by the artists to Real Pearl Foundation, who will support the artistic development of disadvantaged children.
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The completed digital work is not just an NFT, it will be exhibited in analog form in a unique way: it will be on display in Ludwig Museum during the auction. Check it out for yourself and try Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra on the spot. The work of art will be seat between 27th of May and 10th of June in Ludwig Museum.

What is

A non-fungible token is any cryptographic object whose uniqueness and details are authenticated and contained by a blockchain of which it is itself an element. This innovative technological approach redefines ownership in a way that allows for complete freedom of possession.

An NFT is actually a virtual object (be it any data, work of art, animation or digitized painting) whose authenticity is verified by a decentralized network. Such decentralized networks are blockchains, which are not under the control of a central unit, but each element of the system is uniformly involved in the control and authentication of the system's processes.

Much of the current market for such virtual objects is centered around collectibles such as digital artwork, sports cards and rarities.

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Galaxy artists

Nikon One

László Brunszkó is an illustrator, graphic artist, set designer, urban artist, and an unavoidable face in the Hungarian graffiti subculture. His works appear on both suburban walls and Hollywood blockbusters. He is a big fan of futuristic visuals, he is also a passionate hiker who mixes the diaries of adventurers and explorers with fantasy elements.

Szarvas Valentin

Valentin is experimental and honest, as is his brand. He sees fashion as a subjective form of communication, as an opportunity for personal reflections. He is a visually communicating textile designer, whose works feature functional pieces designed with colorful prints that reflect the world around him.

Eged Enikő

Enikő is a graphic artist who loves intuitive and refined illustrative visual form language. She is looking for a graphic look in her work that has a strong power of creating an atmosphere and evokes a homey feeling for her. Her favorite themes are still lifes, animals, and simple things that interest her and surround her in her thoughts in an associative way.

Földes Tamás

Tomi is a multiple international award-winning motion designer, NFT artist. His 2D and 3D animations have been featured on Time Square and magazine covers, and he also works with Hollywood celebrities on a regular basis. To him, free creation means being able to find beauty in anything you work on, so every job will be enjoyable.

Kertész Attila

As a painter, Attila strives to perfect the coexistence of abstraction and figurative representation. Both as a person and as a creator, he is interested in learning about the intangible world of our unconscious, so his creations are imbued with a dream-like, mystical, but at the same time homey feeling. The content background of his art often includes the themes of the birth experience, the mother-child relationship, masculine and feminine roles, and the feeling of security, connectivity and loneliness.

Bálint Bianka

Bianka, also known as Bianicon, is a freelance graphic- and tattoo artist who communicates with the world through her unique and vibrant designs. She attracts natural elements, and creates works dotted with clean, simple features and shapes on textiles, skin, paper that address even the most complex emotions.

Space for limitless possibilites

Bring out your inner artist and turn your wildest ideas
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14.6" Super AMOLED screen
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4 nm Processor
11,200 mAh (Typical) battery
12 mp 12 mp + 12 mp Ultra Wide +
Wide Dual Front Camera
  Fingerprint Scanner
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